Oscar Marin, DDS

Is Proud to
Introduce Our:



Johnny Hudson
Personal Trainer

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 10 AM

Next Bootcamp date Saturday Nov. 11th, 2017

Via Verde Park
1010 Puente Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773

The only pre-requisite is being an active patient (seen in the last 12 months) of
West Covina Smiles or be accompanied by an active patient.

Questions? Contact Gisselle at (626)810-5000

Future Bootcamp Dates: To be Announced.

Endorsement Letter from Dr. Marin

Dear Patient.

Most dental problems develop as a combination of bacteria present in the mouth, personal habits and other environmental factors like stress and medical conditions. In my practice I can’t help but notice that stress is the most overlooked factor that contributes not only to dental but other medical conditions. People under stress tend to produce less saliva and grind their teeth more, which causes premature breakdown of tooth structure and dental work.

As much as I’d love to help you managing stress, my main concern is the health of your smile. However, one of the most effective strategies to reduce your stress load is exercising regularly. Now, you might be thinking, where am I going to be able to fit an exercise routine in my schedule?

Well, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Johnny Hudson, he’s a personal trainer. I’ve known Johnny for about 10 years now and he’s personally trained me and my wife. He’s been doing personal training for 20 years and he’s great at what he does. But the reason I’d like you to know about him is because aside from his personal training, he has developed a membership program that works great for people on a budget and with a tight schedule.

In an effort to be a contribution to our patient’s well-being beyond the dental chair, we’ve partnered with Johnny the Trainer to host a FREE exercise bootcamp for all West Covina Smiles patients that want to attend. The bootcamp will take place at Via Verde park in San Dimas every first Saturday of every month at 10 am.

I hope you can make it and that this change can be of use and contribute to put a positive spin on your lifestyle.

Whether you want to change your habits, stay in shape, reduce your stress load, you can contact Johnny for more information on his membership programs at (909) 268-9470 or visit his website johnnythetrainer.com

For more information on the FREE bootcamp for our patients you can contact Giselle at (626)810-5000

Let me know how things work out !-)

Oscar Marin DDS

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